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Letter from Publisher - June 2020

May 31, 2020 07:27PM ● By Dave Korba

The sun is shining, leafy branches move gently in a mild breeze outside the window and a blue sky paints a beautiful spring day. Like many spring days before, Mother Nature is coaxing a gentle transition from spring toward summer. Yet there’s something different about this day - can’t put my finger on it. The neighbor’s lawn mower is buzzing next door. The cats are napping in their favorite spots and the dappled sunlight sneaks into the room through the branches. What could it be?

An obscure music channel plays softly in the other room. Soundscapes - relaxing background music to work by without distractions. No news. I think the cats like this channel. I leave it on for them when I leave the house, which isn’t as often as it used to be.

There’s an almost eerie quiet now that the lawn mower has stopped. It’s as if the world seems a little… smaller today – in a good way. I’m reflective, pondering the past and my relationship to it, while coping with an altered present and looking forward to a new future. One where individuals pull together to support each other and make an authentic difference for themselves, their families, neighbors and communities, and where those actions coalesce to create a new national and global coexistence with all humans and nature.

I remind myself to get outside in this beautiful sunshine to move my body and get the blood flowing, vital elements to keep myself healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now is a good time to get outside to explore local, natural resources – taking advantage of sunshine, nature, movement and fresh air.

Enjoy the great articles and resources in this issue for local outdoor activity, indoor exercise and healthy brains, coping with stress, maintaining self-care, healthy foods, natural health care and maintaining connections in the community.

On page 30 is your gateway to our online exclusives for even more resourceful content, articles and videos that you’ll find only on our website. A quick mention of our collaboration with a new online platform called KnoWEwell (Know We Well), whose aim is to inspire, empower and connect individuals, practitioners and organizations for the purpose of improving the health of humanity and the planet. See the announcements on pages 4 and 9 and visit the website to learn more.

The sun is low on the horizon now, and still shining brightly like it has many days before, foretelling the potential for a bright tomorrow as the entire planet seeks to feel good, live simply and laugh more.