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IN THIS ISSUE - August 2020

Jul 31, 2020 06:22PM ● By Dave Korba

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Click on this link to view the digital version of the August 2020 magazine, as it appears in print. Our feature story is entitled “Whole-Body Dentistry”, where biological dentists get to the root causes. 

As supplements to our feature story, Dr. Carol Layton, Hershey Dental, discusses ‘Whole Body Health and Periodontal Disease’ and Dr. Owen Allison,Susquehanna Dental Arts, warns about infected tooth roots.  

In our featured local story, we hear from Amethyst Retreat Center, Earthbound Artisan and Hope Hill Lavender Farm, who contribute to our environmental awareness with an article that sees nature as a compass, healer, provider and teacher..

You can read the entire print issue, above, in its digital format. In it you’ll find compelling articles and local news briefs, health briefs, sidebars and spotlights, to keep you educated and informed about what’s happening in our area.

In addition, here are the…

Sonnewald – Stewards of Life, Land and Liberty

In the second installment of the Sonnewald Legacy Series, the team offers their core values as S.E.E.D.S. for the community, which stands for Sustainability, Education, Empowerment, Diversity and Service. Read More »


Why I Still Talk to White People About Racism

– This opinion piece by Erec Smith, Associate Professor at York College, was published in Newsweek in July. Professor Smith’s perspective invites conversation and encourages black and white participants to seize the opportunity for dialogue and difficult conversations, as part of the personal work that many white people are embarking on.  Read More »

 The Wellness Benefits of Dry Salt TherapyMelanie McGuire, owner of SaltEFX in Harrisburg talks all things ‘halotherapy’ in this informative online exclusive. From respiratory care, to anti-aging and beauty benefits for the skin. Visit our online exclusives to read more and learn how you can benefit from halotherapy.  Read More »

 Local Action Alert: Pennsylvania Small Business Assistance Program Accepting Applications – Small business assistance is available for targeted populations in Pennsylvania, including women, People Of Color, and marginalized communities. Find out more in our online exclusive section about the COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance program.  Read More »

Also, as part of our Online Exclusive section, here are the…


Conscious Eating


No-Waste Garden Edibles: Ways to Maximize Your Garden’s Bounty

How to get the most out of the fruits, vegetables and even flowers grown in your garden by discovering the edible parts of common backyard plants and incorporating them into healthy recipes. Read More » 

Green Living

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The Upside of Lockdowns: Air Gets Cleaner Around the Globe

Despite their dire consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, government-mandated lockdowns around the world have had an unintended positive consequence: cleaner air. Read More » 


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