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Letter from Publisher - September 2020

Sep 01, 2020 02:41PM ● By Dave Korba

We are warriors—each of us in a battle for love; we seek it and desire it above all else. Yet, the battle is won by giving away that which we seek—we must give love away to develop it within ourselves, and then be open to receive it from others. The journey of self-love and shared love is an emotional rollercoaster that requires a certain degree of self-awareness, personal responsibility and courage to navigate effectively.

When I sense the need to rebalance myself emotionally, slow things down and re-center, I make tea or go for a walk, or both. Quality green tea with honey and a short walk around the block will do in a pinch. Longer walks in nature are even more transformative to reset my body, mind and emotions.

This month’s feature article, “Emotion Well-Being in the Pandemic Age,” by Sandra Yeyati, is a must-read for guidance to navigate through unpleasant emotional feelings, aiming toward self-compassion and positivity. Additionally, a group of local contributors share their insights for achieving emotional well-being.

Another remedy may be a tranquil walk through a field of blooming lavender. In choosing this month’s cover photo, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mention that you can take such a tranquil walk at Hope Hill Lavender Farm, in Pottsville, pictured here.


Visit for details and the best times of year for peak blooms.


One of the biggest impacts we can have on creating more emotional literacy is how parents and other adults model resilience, mindfulness and emotional literacy for children. Be sure to read this month’s Healthy Kids department, along with the local contribution from Ann Fields, from Peaceful Kids Yoga.

It’s National Yoga Month, and a warm hug of gratitude goes to all the local yoga studios and teachers adapting to share their practice. Flexibility is the key, and that goes for any of us that have hesitated to start a yoga practice due to physical limitations. If you want the benefits of a consistent yoga practice, there are alterations that can be made to accommodate most limitations.  Find out more in our Fit Body department and from local yoga contributors Just Plain Yoga and H2L Studios.

Local writer Erin Shrader, the Rebel Herbalist, contributes to our online exclusives, along with a variety of herbal-based recipes in our Conscious Eating department. If stress has you on the run, put the tea kettle on, relax and unwind by reading through this issue and our website for a roadmap to feeling good, living simply and laughing more.