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Sing the Tick Check Song

Apr 29, 2021 05:50PM ● By Dave Korba
The PA Lyme Resource Network #TickCheckChallenge + Tick Check song and video for May Lyme Disease Awareness Month, in partnership with Invisible International, and Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band, aims to raise awareness about rampant Lyme disease and keep kids safe.


Pennsylvania leads the country for Lyme disease cases with 476,000 reported in 2020. A state Department of Environmental Protection study found that the blacklegged (deer) tick, the carrier of Lyme disease, has been found in all 67 counties.


About 25 percent of those stricken are kids. The risk is high and prevention is low. When 1,562 elementary school children were asked if they regularly perform tick checks, only 12 percent said that they do. Enter the tick check song. Made especially for kids, this catchy song walks kids step-by-step through a proper tick check in a way that is fun and engaging.


The #TickCheckChallenge encourages people of all ages to take the challenge by getting in front of a camera and recording themselves performing their own interpretation of a proper tick check to the beat of the song.


Hear the song at For more information, email [email protected] or visit