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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

IN THIS ISSUE - May 2024

IN THIS ISSUE, MAY 2024, our feature story is The Road To Hormonal Harmony. Other topics include Balancing Gluten; Footloose Fitness; Natural Births; Anna Cabeca on The Hormone Fix; Identifying and Treating Lyme Disease; Natural Pet article Raising Puppies to Be Heroes; plus, local articles Lymphatic Drainage and Sauna for Lyme Disease; Perimenopause SOS; Breastfeeding Right After Birth. In addition to these preceding linked articles, you’ll also find the following Online Exclusive articles, plus Local News, Local Articles, Health Briefs, Global Briefs, and much more. Enjoy!


Yoga Love Festival

Yoga Love Festival

The third annual Central Pennsylvania Yoga Love Festival will take place from 9 a.m., May 25, to 5 p.m., May 26, at the Amethyst Retreat Center. Read More » 


Womens Expo to Feature Local Businesses Free Entertainment

Women’s Expo to Feature Local Businesses, Free Entertainment

Dauphin County Women’s Expo, Saturday, June 1, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Hershey Lodge, 325 University Drive, Hershey. Read More » 


What you dont know about Lyme disease could hurt you

What you don’t know about Lyme disease could hurt you

Living in Pennsylvania, it is crucial to learn about tick-borne diseases. Prevention is the first thing to know. Tick bites can be prevented with a two-pronged approach. Read More » 


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Embracing the Shadows – A Guide to Healing Your Shadow Self

Within every individual lies a shadow self—a realm of suppressed emotions, fears, and desires that often remain hidden from conscious awareness. Read More » 


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Women Nurturing Mother Earth: The Growing Influence of Female Environmentalists

Many women are playing a tremendous role in the green economy and are creating a sustainable, just and resilient economy. Here are some examples of female champions. Read More » 


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Giving Back to Mother Earth

Whether we till the soil in our backyards, pick up trash along a hiking trail, choose eco-friendly cleaning products or simply pause to witness a glorious sunset, we are all custodians of... Read More » 


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Sustainable Menstrual Options

Disposable feminine products cause massive landfill waste. Eco-conscious women opt for reusable options like menstrual cups, period underwear and organic pads. Read More » 


Featured LOCAL Articles

From the MAY 2024 PRINT Edition

Letter from Publisher - May 2024

Letter from Publisher - May 2024

Happy Mother’s Day – The Most Important Job in the World Read More » 


Harmony Between HORMONES and CBD

Harmony Between HORMONES and CBD

With regular CBD use, many women have experienced a sense of calm, leading to a serene mood, lower irritability, and a better sense of well-being. Read More » 


Breastfeeding Help for New Mothers

Breastfeeding Help for New Mothers

NursieSides Lactation Support is a new private practice/business in the area offering in-home and virtual lactation visits. Read More » 


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Partner Massage at The Balance

The Balance is adding a new class to learn partner massage. Read More » 


More Massage Options at Firefly Hollow

More Massage Options at Firefly Hollow

Jen Wagman specializes in integrative, therapeutic, prenatal and warm bamboo massage for those in pain or medically frail. Read More » 


Potted Dreams Available at Carlisle Creative Vibes

Potted Dreams Available at Carlisle Creative Vibes

Potted Dreams offers various items made of clay, including pots, decor and plant holders at Carlisle Creative Vibes. Read More » 


Helping Women Be All They Can Be

Helping Women Be All They Can Be

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Netara Jackson provides guidance for deep healing and transforming via virtual coaching for all aspects of life. Read More » 


Health and Wellness for Our Aging Pets

Health and Wellness for Our Aging Pets

CBD products offer a promising solution for alleviating heightened anxiety and discomfort from inflammation in dogs. Read More » 


Profile - Eleanor Dunham Ellements of Health

Profile - Eleanor Dunham, Ellements of Health

Dr. Dunham is a board-certified emergency physician and former military physician who is also a certified functional medicine practitioner. Read More » 


Profile - BeBalanced of Harrisburg Camp Hill and York

Profile - BeBalanced of Harrisburg, Camp Hill and York

Areas of specialty are hormonal balance, sleep, energy, anxiety and depression, gut health, food sensitivities and leaky gut. Read More » 


Profile - Leslie Cree NursieSides Lactation Support

Profile - Leslie Cree, NursieSides Lactation Support

Leslie Cree provides in-home and virtual consultations. She listens and provides guidance to help parents make evidence-based decisions that will work best for them. Read More » 


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Perimenopause SOS

Perimenopause can be characterized by many changes in the eight to 10 years preceding actual menopause, where hormone levels fluctuate, leading to many possible symptoms. Read More » 


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Breastfeeding Right After Birth

Birth signals the end of pregnancy and the beginning of a new mother/child relationship. Read More » 


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Lymphatic Drainage and Sauna for Lyme Disease

Holistic lymphatic drainage therapy and sauna sessions can enhance recovery from Lyme disease. Read More » 


What is the deal with CBD anyway

What is the deal with CBD anyway?

Many people wonder, “Can I take CBD? Is it legal? What is the best way to obtain accurate information about CBD?” Read More » 


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