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Wegmans and Spiral Path Farm Benefit Local Consumers

Jun 28, 2021 02:13PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold

In partnership with Wegmans since 2003, Spiral Path Farm has been able to further their goal of bringing a variety of fresh, flavorful organic produce to local and regional consumers. Located in Loysville, the 300-acre farm is owned and operated by the Brownback family and has been certified organic by the U. S. Department of Agriculture since 1994.


“We’ve had a fantastic relationship with Wegmans throughout all that time,” says Will Brownback, a second-generation farmer. “Anything that we grow we can supply to them, and they can turn it around and sell it to their customers. They really care about their employees. They care about their product. They care about their environment. I would say those three things are so core to who we are here at Spiral Path. It meshes really well with Wegmans’ values.”


Bill Brauchle, northern partner farm merchant for Wegmans, says, “For as long as we’ve worked with Spiral Path, we’ve had the same mission in mind—to be able to deliver the finest-quality products to our customers every day. I know Spiral Path strives for that, and we do as well, so it’s a symbiotic relationship.”


“We have a lot of confidence in Wegmans,” affirms Mike Brownback, who founded Spiral Path Farm with his wife, Terra. “We’ve learned a lot about values as far as being a company just from our association with them. Wegmans has a vision beyond this year. They are looking down the road, and we think at Spiral Path Farm that we have the same approach. We strive to build vibrant soils that enhance flavor and nutrition. The more we endeavor to grow organically, the more we endeavor to grow nutrient-dense food and honor the natural growing cycles. We have the opportunity to increase flavor, increase shelf life, but also enhance the nutritional aspects of the food.“


He notes, "That produce, when we see it, should have a blush and glow of health. We get up in the morning always trying to get better at what we do. We’re passionate about growing the highest-quality, most nutritious food we possibly can. In fact, that is actually our mission statement, 'To produce the highest-quality, best-tasting produce we possibly can.'”


Spiral Path Farm’s mission is echoed in the sentiment of Wegmans’ commitment to their customers, “Every day you get our best.”


Spiral Path Farm is located at 538 Spiral Path Lane, in Loysville. For more information, call 717-789-4433 or visit


Wegmans is located at 6416 Carlisle Pike, Ste. 2000, in Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 717-791-4500 or visit