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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Letter from Publisher - October 2021

Oct 04, 2021 12:57PM ● By Dave Korba

“Living simply is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci


The Natural Awakenings motto is, "Feel good, live simply and laugh more." I’ve adopted it as my own, and it’s the reminder I share at the end of this letter each month. But I have been so intent on achievement, productivity and success for the majority of my life and career that I’m struggling with what simplification looks like for me.


During my lifetime, the pace and intensity of daily living seems to have increased dramatically. Maybe life was even more stressful in prior generations for prehistoric humans fighting to survive daily, civilizations battling plaques, invasions and ruthless monarchs or all the strife, turmoil and challenges we’ve faced in the relatively short history of the United States. Yet, with all the challenges of living throughout history, a case can be made that all the trappings and consequences of modern-day living have resulted in a more complex and psychologically challenging existence today, more than ever before. 


While “progress” hurls the globe into an even more intense and challenging future as we contemplate our mortality and consider our purpose for being here, perhaps there’s still time to reflect and take action toward living in a simpler and more meaningful way.


Living simply may be a gateway to uncovering deeper meaning because it invites each of us to evaluate what really matters on a personal basis. Rather than blindly chasing the proverbial American dream, laden with financial achievement and material possessions, how much more rewarding and valuable could our journey be with “more time, more money and more freedom to live a more meaningful life,” where that ultimate meaning is self-defined? That question is inspired by the blog, and is referenced in this month’s feature article.


Living more simply can be accomplished in a lot of ways, and is unique for each of us. Not only can it impact our personal journey toward more time, money and freedom, it can also contribute to positively impacting nature, climate and the shrinking world around us. Whether it is decluttering a room, moving to a more restful locale, buying from a local farmer or working for sustainable corporate reform—by turning to simpler, sustainable and more conscious ways of living, we can collectively have a positive impact, because we all ultimately strive for the same thing—to feel good, live simply and laugh more.