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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Letter from Publisher - January 2023

Dec 30, 2022 09:31AM ● By Dave Korba
A Lifetime is Not a Long Time


Weren’t we here just 12 short months ago, wishing each other a happy new year—making resolutions and setting intentions that may or may not have become manifest by now?


Last month, I mentioned how “time is going by so fast.” I’m continuing that thread in this issue, which marks the 12th time I’ve penned a New Year’s letter as publisher. In two months, the March 2023 issue will mark 12 years that we’ve been publishing—providing news and information, and promoting connection and community throughout South Central PA.


We are thrilled to have grown over the past decade, and most rewarding is the trust and connection that has been created with and between our readers and advertisers. It is humbling and heartwarming to consistently hear from you expressing love and gratitude for the magazine. Natural health and wellness, sustainable living and integrative medicine were buzz words a little more than a decade ago, and now they are mainstream.


To help us mark our 12-year anniversary, keep an eye on next month’s issue and website regarding several upcoming contests and giveaways as we look to celebrate this milestone and our readers and advertisers.


Thirty years ago, a mentor of mine said, “A lifetime is not a long time,” as encouragement for avoiding complacency and compelling action. His statement barely resonated with me at the time. When I was younger, it seemed like 30 years would drag by slowly, and now I ask, “How did 30 years go by so fast?”


At 27, I formulated career goals for myself and listed my anticipated role each year for the next 30 years, plus retirement, onto a single sheet of paper. Seeing each year of my life concisely listed on a single page was a bit startling.


Recently, to convey a sense of perspective about life and the fleeting nature of time to my niece as she starts her career, I transformed the notion of a list into a visual aid that quickly conveys her age, each year, from birth to 100. It is a snapshot of the coming decades of her lifetime. Ten decades stacked on top of each other, indicating each year with her corresponding age. All in a Nice. Neat. Tidy. Spreadsheet. On one page.


My niece broke into tears. That was not my intention, and we’ll save the back story for another time. The goal of this visual aid is to lend perspective to the notion that, “A lifetime is not a long time,” which hopefully compels us to action, perhaps toward feeling good, living simply and laughing more.  Heartfelt Wishes for a Happy New Year!


(To see or request a copy of the visual aid visit