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IN THIS ISSUE - September 2020

Sep 01, 2020 06:41PM ● By Dave Korba

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Click on this link to view the digital version (above) of the September 2020 magazine, as it appears in print. Our feature story is entitled “Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age”, where we discuss self-care strategies for tough times. 

In a local supplement to the feature, Sharon Muzio from AltaView Wellness, Sharon Askey from Gracefull Heart and Reverend Dan Landis, from UNITY of Harrisburg discuss how feelings and emotions are energy in motion and how holding onto negative energy and repressing our emotions can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

September is Yoga month and local contributors Tina Stroh, owner of Just Plain Yoga and Monica Foster, yoga instructor at H2L Studio discuss how yoga can inspire us to be still, with intention, while Ann Fields, founder of Peaceful Poses Kids Yoga, shows us how love, time and patience through yoga helps build resilience in kids.

You can read the entire print issue, above, in its digital format. In it you’ll find compelling articles and local news briefs, health briefs, sidebars and spotlights, to keep you educated and informed about what’s happening in our area.

In addition, here are the…

Education is the Foundation of Sonnewald – built on a passion for helping people, pure motives, impeccable integrity, strong morals, quality products and honest information.  This is the third of six installments of the Sonnewald Legacy Series.

Wild Abundance – Local writer, registered nurse, herbalist and mystic, Eric Shrader, offers insight for using easy-to-find plants and herbs for liquid refreshment, food and tinctures – along with resources to help identify and select the right plants. Read More

Also, as part of our Online Exclusive section, here are the…



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