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IN THIS ISSUE - December 2020

Nov 27, 2020 10:07AM ● By Dave Korba
Click on this link to view the digital version of the December 2020 magazine. Our feature story is entitled “A New Story for the World – Re-Visioning the Script for a Healthier Society and Planet”.

In a local supplement to the feature, Emily Gilmore from Dillsburg Yoga, provides ideas on interconnectedness in an article entitled, Interacting with The Natural World.” 

In a local feature, psychotherapist, Joan-Marie Lartin focuses on our mental health by sharing ways to cope with the holidays amid a pandemic, with Put A Positive Spin on the Holidays Amid a Pandemic

Our local spotlight article is the final installment of our 6-part Sonnewald Legacy Series. This month’s concluding article in the series is entitled “The Sonnewald Way: Creating Community and Connection.

You can read the entire print issue, above, in its digital format. In it you’ll find more compelling articles and local news briefs, health briefs, sidebars and spotlights, to keep you educated and informed about what’s happening in our area.


In addition to the digital edition found above, here are MORE articles found exclusively online…

Something Worth Saying a podcast by Jordan Leigh

Something Worth Saying… a podcast by Jordan Leigh authentic and uncensored wellness talk from my yoga mat, to your ears... Read More » 


Questions and Inspirations for your Singer Soul

Questions and Inspirations for your Singer Soul

If you have a voice that can produce sounds, you ARE a singer! Here are some questions to ask your singer soul as you decide to sing for yourself or for an audience: Read More » 


pjill heyerUnsplashcombrp

The Gift of Yum: Homemade Treats Spark Holiday Cheer

Edible homemade gift ideas that make for healthy holiday treats to help slow down the shopping frenzy of the season and provide nourishing food to loved ones. Read More » 


Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn on Transforming the Planet With Love

Interview with bestselling author, spiritual teacher and empathic healer Matt Kahn on mantras, lessons from turbulent times, advice for protesting and awakening on a collective level. Read More » 


jonathan borbaAdobeStockcom

Instilling the Giving Spirit in Kids

The holiday season is the perfect time for parents to encourage children to learn about the value of giving, teaching empathy and compassion as lifelong lessons. Read More » 


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Fresh Rituals for a New Year

Here are several New Year’s rituals to help us connect more deeply to our loved ones, to ourselves and to a richer sense of purpose as we embrace the promise of 2021. Read More » 


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’Tis the Season to Save the Planet: Eco-Friendly Holiday Ideas

Reduce holiday-related waste with these sustainable twists on classic traditions and eco-friendly, low-waste gift ideas and tips. Read More »