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Letter from Publisher

Dave Korba

More people are turning to holistic dentists these days, and for good reason. Our feature article this month discusses everything from the critical importance of oral health and the role of mouth bacteria in Alzheimer’s, heart issues and inflammatory response to the movement toward less-invasive and less-toxic approaches to dental hygiene.

We are lucky to have a number of holistic dentists located throughout our region, and several of them weigh in with their perspectives on page 27. I’d like to acknowledge Dr. Pentti Nupponen, of Halifax Dentistry, LLC, who recently retired. Dr. Nupponen earned the love and respect of his patients as an advocate for holistic dental care, and was a mainstay in central Pennsylvania for many years. Thank you, Pentti—enjoy your retirement and know that you are appreciated.

As I’m writing this letter, my two office mates, Jasmine and KJ, are bundled up nearby for their
mid-day snooze as they celebrate their first birthday. They were adopted as 3-month-old kittens this past December and were the last two in a stray litter. They’ve become comfortable in their new home over the last nine months and are now an important part of the family, keeping me busy and reminding me to make time every day to play and not take life and work too seriously.

We’ve developed our daily and nightly routines and rituals, and they’ve brought new, positive energy, fun and companionship into my home. October is national Shelter Pet month, and there are thousands of loving, healthy cats and dogs waiting to bring joy, companionship and yes, wellness, into your home. In this month’s Natural Pet department, Julie Peterson presents solid research on the many benefits of the human-animal bond—and why pets adopted from shelters can be the most devoted of all.

Maybe the time is right for you or someone you know to adopt a pet from the local shelter. You can find resources for cat adoption at, and if a dog is right for you, visit Please consider adopting and visit a nearby SPCA or local animal shelter whenever you are considering a pet. You may find that a rescued pet will save you more than you save it. After all, our pets instinctively know how to make us feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

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