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Letter from Publisher

Dave Korba

In the spirit of the season, we turn our attention to the holidays and contemplative matters. Linda Sechrist’s uplifting feature, “The Emerging Power of ‘We’: Awakening to the Evolution of Community,” invites us to consider Thich Nhat Hanh’s notion that a trusted community is necessary to help an individual learn how to encounter life in the present moment.

She makes a compelling argument that collective wisdom, collaborative change and the need to evolve from a culture of “me” to a culture of “we” may be the key to addressing the major challenges that confront humankind.

I’ve experienced several instances of community helping support and guide me along the journey of personal growth. Since 2001, a primary source of collective wisdom for me has been the Mankind Project ( This community has helped me build trust with other men as we identify and manifest missions of service in the world while cultivating emotional literacy and accountability. A similar local men’s community was recently born in the form of the Camp Hill Men’s Circle, which includes men from throughout central Pennsylvania. For more information about the local Camp Hill group, contact Seppi Garrett at 717-991-0552 to find out if this may be a trusted, growth-oriented community for the men in your life.

Another community that has personal resonance and seen rapid growth locally is the Community for Holistic Integration (CHI) of Central Pennsylvania, a nonprofit organization that was created to connect and promote local holistic practitioners and mindful businesses while educating the public about holistic modalities. If you’re reading this letter, you may likely be interested in knowing about and possibly participating with CHI. Find out more at their public page on Facebook or at

The pace of growth for online communities is strong and serves many initiatives that attract like-minded people; however, I personally prefer sharing in person, in real time with purposely aligned individuals in authentic communication. After all, it is our humanness, our human connection and authentic relationships that are the core building blocks for strong communities.

We are grateful to present this magazine as a platform for weaving together several passionate communities each month, as summarized by Editorial Manager Gisele Seibold’s supplement to the feature. We are also blessed to be a community unto ourselves, comprised of contributors and advertisers intent on informing, educating and assisting readers to feel good, live simply and laugh more during this joyful holiday season and all year long.



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