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Amethyst Retreat Center

Amethyst Retreat Center
44 Buffalo Creek Rd., Duncannon, PA

Amethyst Retreat Center is dedicated to innovative and meaningful ways of living and learning. It is a center for evolving a culture of wellness through connection with nature, our personal source, and collaboration with each other.

Services offered: Programs, retreats, workshops and festivals; community gatherings that are free and open to the public; personal retreats; group retreats; weddings and life celebrations.

Areas of specialty: Amethyst inspires, educates and demonstrates innovative ways of living, leaning and healing through programs, workshops, retreat services, life celebrations and community focused public events where creators of a better world gather to collaborate and regenerate the systems and culture that create our future; connection with nature is a profound source of healing, wholeness and wisdom; and our personal inner journey awakens us to the potential of our daily life.

Philosophy: Amethyst Retreat Center has no religious or political affiliation; rather, we are part of humanity’s awakening to a culture of respect and inclusiveness for all love-based religions, traditions, cultures and ways of being.