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Paxtang Cemetery

Paxtang Cemetery
490 N. Paxtang Ave., Harrisburg
7170-64-2110 •

Green burial is the process by which the body of a deceased person is interred in the ground in a manner that does not inhibit decomposition and returns the body back to the earth naturally.

Services offered: The body is prepared for burial without the use of embalming fluids such as formaldehyde and often wrapped in a biodegradable burial shroud or casket placed directly in the ground without the use of a cement or metal vault or liner. On top of every burial, we restore the Pennsylvania native forest on top of you.

Areas of specialty: We offer linen or silk shrouds, and caskets made of wicker and seagrass, bamboo, or wood, and urns made of earth, plant substances, salt or recycled paper. Engraved boulders or river rock are used for memorial.

Philosophy: The mission of Paxtang Cemetery’s Green Burial area called The Wood’s Edge is to create a natural and meaningful memorial landscape that contributes to the ecological and social health of the surrounding community and its wildlife.