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Cannabidiol Alleviates Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Sep 10, 2019 12:13PM
by Tucker McCleary

Today, cannabis is used nationwide to treat more than 30 different medical ailments, including Lyme disease. Science has found that cannabidiol (CBD) interacts with our own endocannabinoid system to use cannabinoids more efficiently. This system is linked to homeostatic regulation, helping the body to maintain, regulate and return to a balanced state after injury, illness or high levels of stress.

Within this system are two main receptors: CB1 and CB2. They are located on the surface of many different cells throughout the body. CB1 receptors are found more within the central nervous system and neurons in the brain. CB2 receptors are more abundant outside the nervous system, including cells of the immune system.

Scientific studies have shown that CBD is effective for treating anxiety, headaches, arthritis, severe joint pain, nerve pain, numbness, muscle stiffness, swelling and inflammation. Many Lyme disease patients suffer from these symptoms, making most doctors and scientists believe that CBD can be a very effective treatment for Lyme.

In 2003, research was done on the neuroprotective effects of CBD that found it preserves the neuronal structure and its function, protecting it from depression, anxiety, brain fog, confusion, mini-seizures and neuropathy. This could greatly benefit Lyme patients, as the treatments that kill the infection can lead to the accumulation of neurotoxins in patients’ bodies.

In 2018, Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer wrote an article, “Can medical marijuana help treat Lyme disease? A doctor’s perspective.” He states, “CBD could benefit most Lyme disease patients. CBD itself is anti-inflammatory—it not only decreases pain, it can improve energy, cognitive function and general well being. The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties of cannabis make it extremely valuable as an adjunct to the treatment of tick-borne diseases.”

Studies on CBD for Lyme disease are still limited, but what has been discovered thus far looks very promising for many patients. As CBD becomes more popular and future studies come about, there may be more conclusive findings on treating Lyme with CBD. For now, CBD is safe and effective at treating the symptoms of Lyme, and many other ailments.

Tucker McCleary is the CBD American Shaman Carlisle branch store manager with basic and advanced certifications in medicinal cannabis, cannabis business and dispensary operations. For more information, call 717-254-6643 or email [email protected].

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