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The Benefits of Yoga as Therapy

by Emily Gilmore

Yoga can be applied to many different situations, especially in terms of being a healing modality. The focus of therapeutic yoga programs and individualized work at Dillsburg Yoga include neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS), anxiety, depression and back health. As yoga grows in interest for those seeking yoga as a therapy and within the science and wellness communities, more studies are being conducted to validate this ancient and evolving art and science.

Kaitlyn Roland has researched yoga and Parkinson’s through her work at the University of British Columbia, and through her work and other relevant studies, it has been found that yoga can help individuals with Parkinson’s in the areas of mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion and mood/sleep. (

In regard to yoga and multiple sclerosis, Yoga Therapy, by Jean Danford, states, “The Rutgers School of Health-Related Professionals recently conducted a pilot trial. Participants were better able to walk for short distances and longer periods of time, had better balance while reaching backwards, fine motor coordination and were better able to go from sitting to standing. Their quality of life also improved in perceived mental health, concentration, bladder control, walking and vision, with a decrease in pain and fatigue.”

Many studies have also been conducted on yoga for back pain and yoga for anxiety and enhancing mood. It becomes evident when working with people that the effects of yoga are beyond what science can measure. It’s often helpful to have the support of science when making decisions about our health, but ultimately it is through the practice and the experience that we intuitively know what is right and what is good. So, it is through merging our understanding and tools provided by science and our insight and wisdom gained though the study of yoga that we can utilize yoga as a therapeutic modality.

Emily Gilmore, with an MS in human physiology, is a certified yoga teacher and owner of Dillsburg Yoga, located at 5-B Harrisburg Pike, in Dillsburg. For more information, call 717-502-2870 or visit