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Fascial Release Massage Relaxes the Body

Sep 10, 2019 02:20PM
by Jessica McCoy

Sports massage is not only for athletes; it can also be used for clients experiencing chronic ailments or injuries. Along with the general relaxation qualities of massage therapy, it’s also important to address the fascial chains of connective tissue that tend to bind up where there is a chronic issue. In an attempt to protect the body, it may cause more inflammation and pain in that area.

Specially trained and licensed massage therapists that know how to release fascial chains can help increase a client’s range of motion and decrease their pain and inflammation. Releasing the fascial chains will also help the body to destress because it is no longer trying to support a damaged area of the body.

Massage using heated tools such as warm stones or bamboo known as mu-xing may be helpful. The penetrating heat, in combination with massage, has a way of “melting” the fascia and muscles, relaxing the body further.

Jessica McCoy is a licensed massage therapist, life coach and owner of Mending Roots Wellness, located in Camp Hill. For more information, visit


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